Our Book

In this groundbreaking book, Adrian Blake and Susan D Smith show you how to:

Understand how roles instilled in you long ago may prevent you achieving your potential
Identify how they can hold you back from having fulfilling relationships
Make positive changes in your life using powerful, proven techniques.

Full of exercises and practical information, the book will help you take a huge step forward in your personal journey of self-discovery. It shows you how to have a good relationship with yourself and others, and how to boost true self confidence that comes from within and is not dependent on what other people, think, say or do.

After each of the 35 easy to digest chapters there is a helpful ‘In a Nutshell’ summary to remind you of the key points. As you work through the 30 ‘Power Tool’ exercises you will understand the different parts that make you a whole person and learn how to use them to create internal harmony instead of conflict and confusion.

Download the e-book here. Or buy the paperback on Amazon.

From the book’s Introduction….

“This book is about you achieving ‘togetherness’, not just with other people, but within yourself. When you are whole you are healed. You know what you want and how to get there. You have a sense of purpose. Your life has meaning. It is based on values that are your own”.